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A Bit of Squid - May 7th

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Well, I think I do........ (via <a href=""></a>)
Well, I think I do........ (via

My gameday Squid usually have some kind of preview of the game before the links.  Today, however, I am unable to do that because I didn't see enough of last game, and therefore don't have anything to point out for the Canucks to look into while trying to tie the series with the Blackhawks.  Of course, I have seen everyone analyzing the situation like crazy over the last 36 hours, but that still doesn't do me any justice.  Therefore, I am stuck with a little bit of writer's block this morning.  Maybe I'll just repeat what I said yesterday: if the Canucks don't win tonight, they'll be in big trouble, since they would then have to return to the Madhouse down 3-1, and could be eliminated to the sound of Chelsea Dagger 2 years in a row......

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Wow, slow link morning.  Throw anything else you find in the comments.