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Wednesday Morning Coffee- Back In The Village...

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While Monday's game wasn't their greatest effort, it's hard to come away feeling too bad about earning a split in Chicago.  And yes it was earned.  The win Saturday didn't change that this series is still against a very good Hawks team.  I have a feeling that if you're complaining about this series, you're also one of these people who constantly criticizes Alain Vigneault, win or lose... or have been tweeting that you're waiting for Roberto Luongo to start earning his paycheque.  The Canucks are the team right where they planned to be, and are going to give the Blackhawks a subtle reminder tonight why they were also lethal at home.


Turn the spotlights on the people,
Switch the dial and eat the worm.
Take your chances, kill the engine,
Drop your bombs and let it burn.

White flags shot to ribbons,
The truce is black and burned,
Shellshock in the kitchen,
Tables overturned.

Back in the village again,
In the village.
I'm back in the village again.

Throwing dice now, rolling loaded,
I see sixes all the way.
In a black hole, and I'm spinning
As my wings get shot away.

No breaks on the inside,
Paper cats and burning barns,
There's a fox among the chickens,
And a killer in the hounds.

Questions are a burden
And answers are a prison for oneself
Shellshock in the kitchen
Tables start to burn.

But still we walk into the valley
And others try to kill the inner flame
We're burning brighter than before
I don't have a number, I'm a name!

They may have won the battle, but they're far from declaring victory in the war.  Will we see a more physical response from the Canucks?  That's almost a given, though it will be metered carefully.  We're not just gonna run around the ice looking for retribution tonight.  One also hopes (although we should know better to count on them) that the NHL will put their damn money where their mouth is and call the goalie interference that is increasing with each game.

Do they need to make a lot of changes?  Likely not, though I am not going to be terribly shocked to see Aaron Rome get back in the lineup in place of Andrew Alberts, and perhaps the insertion of Ryan Johnson if he's ready to go.  What is more important is that they make the adjustments to the Blackhawks game and utilize home advantage.

And this year, home ice has certainly been an advantage for the Canucks against the Hawks.  The two games they played here this season saw them score a whopping 2 goals, one of them a deflection off Bryan Bickell's skate.  A big boost for the Canucks for sure, as they now have home ice advantage for three of the five remaining games.  It's up to them to utilize it.

The Hawks did a great job of neutralizing the Canucks top line on Monday, playing them physically, and also keeping them hemmed in their own end, as the scoresheet would show you.  Not only will they need to move beyond this like they have done time and time again in their careers but the other lines will need to step up and make the Hawks shift a little bit of their focus away from the Sedins and Samuelsson.  Let me reiterate: This is not the first time a team has temporarily shut down the Twins with increased physical play.  It never lasts.  They adapt and make teams play, and the harder they make it for teams to take them off their game, the more likely they are to make mistakes.  And that's where they get ya.

It's been a great series so far, and tonight is going to be another incredible game in this rivalry.  But listen not to the naysayers.  They know not what they speak.  This is not the Canucks team of years past, and definitely not last year's squad.  They win in spite of the injuries and adversity.  There's no arrogance or premature sense of accomplishment, just a one game at a time mentality.

No it's not our rookie goaltender, it's the NHL conspiracy!!!!!
Yeah, and they call us nuts... Fans at the Joe Louis Arena were seen sporting aluminum foil on their heads as they witnessed the Sharks dismantle a 3-1 lead by the Red Wings and take a 3-0 stranglehold in their series.  The best comedy of the night came when Denver Post beat writer Adrian Dater tweeted this.  It was soon followed by Joe Thornton's 3-2 goal.  Add in a bad goal by Logan Couture, and we are off to overtime.  Dater predicted this, which was followed by this:

Dater responded with this and this.  Mhm.  And that folks, is why I follow him.  Unintentional comedy at it's finest.  Well that, and someone has to keep Trevor from the Internet Trashcan updated after Dater blocked him.  Sharks look to sweep the Wings on Thursday night at the Joe.

Full marks to the Penguins for battling back and winning in spite of Sidney Crosby getting shut down again.  While it's given Crosby haters so much fuel, it's more about the Canadiens and their tenacious D than anything else.  Not surprised that they pulled ahead in the series, the Penguins lineup is littered with experienced buys who can show up in big games.  This one was no exception.  While this series is far from over, we're going to see more from Montreal than just Jaroslav Halak if they hope to defeat the defending champs.