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Are You Watching? Flyers At Blackhawks Game 1

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Today in northern BC we are experiencing our warmest day of the year. Great day to get out gardening, hiking, working on a tan, etc, right? WRONG! Not for this hombre. This series has beautiful history written all over it. Not that the Flyers play the Hawks a lot, it's just that Chicago has not won since 1961 and the Flyers' last Cup victory was in 1975.

Chicago's last appearance in the Finals was in 1992, when Mario Lemieux and the Penguins swept them 4 games to none. The Flyers' last appearance in the Finals was in 1997, where they were swept by the powerful Red Wings.

What's not to like? No Red Wings or Penguins in sight! This should be a great series. Consider this a Game Thread if you are in the "vicinity".