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A Bit of Squid - Stock up the liquor cabinet today.

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  • More analysis of the Flyers-Blackhawks series.  This time, looking at the forwards.  (Puck Daddy)
  • They were friends when winning gold together at the Olympics, but now Jonathan Toews and Mike Richards are against each other for NHL glory.  (NHL, TSN)
  • After that bold piece last week about the 2007 Ducks being the best Stanley Cup Champions ever caused lots of debates, the THN Video Panel sits down and looks that what other teams could also hold that title.  (THN)
  • Why the Flyers can still win the Cup.  Relax, Sean, I don't think he copied you, his post only went up an hour and a half after yours.  (ESPN)
  • Speaking of pieces here at NM, be sure to check out Yankee's piece looking at how all the Canucks forwards did this season.  (Nucks Misconduct)
  • The NHL will be announcing has announced outdoor games for next season today.  The Penguins will host the Capitals at Heinz Field for the Winter Classic, and the Flames will host the Canadiens sometime in February at McMahon Stadium.  UPDATED:  New links from  (Winter Classic, Heritage Classic)
  • The NHL also announced the teams that will open the 2010-2011 season in Europe.  Helsinki gets the Hurricanes and Wild, Stockholm gets the Blue Jackets and Sharks, and Prague will get the Bruins and Coyotes.  There will also be play against European competition, with the NHL's first ever visits to Belfast (Ireland), Mannheim (Germany), and St. Petersburg (Russia).  (NHL)
  • The Hurricanes signed Jiri Tlusty to a 1-year deal.  (TSN)
  • The 2nd part of the highlights of the season.  (Canucks)
  • The Victoria Salmon Kings (our ECHL affiliate, basically the baby Moose) have successfully signed Mark Morrison to an extension as Head Coach and GM.  (VSK)
  • After the success of this year's "History Will Be Made" commercials, the NHL has released a new commercial for the Stanley Cup Final.  Puck Daddy has all the analysis, and here is the new commercial: