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What Mike Gillis Said On Team 1040 Today

I am going to quote the recap from Bertuzzi187 on the CDC forum today: 

- Thinks Roberto was emotionally fatigued from the Olympics, which lead to his inconsistent play
- Has plans regarding a full time goalie coach, Roberto's captaincy, but wouldn't talk about it.
- Isn't going to build the team for next season based on defeating the Blackhawks in the playoffs.
- Thinks the team will be very competitive next year.
- Believes the Hawks will win the cup
- Has mixed feelings about how San Jose lost in 4 games and the Canucks won 2.

There's that "fatigued from the Olympics" crap again. Hey, if that's the case then maybe NHL'ers should not partake in the Games. Seriously, we have a Cup to win here. That's more important than a gold medal.