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The Final Insult: Hawks & Flyers

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You haven't seen fat women boxing yet today right? You're welcome.
You haven't seen fat women boxing yet today right? You're welcome.

So the team that has made Vancouver their post season bitch two years straight goes against another team that has put the hurt on Vancouver in more ways than one. Fun! Here's a blast from the past and, hey, at least Vancouver is no stranger to line brawls with either squad.

You could go the ex-Canucks route in picking sides but if either Brent Sopel or Lukas Krajicek gets you that excited I question your grip on reality.

If you ignore the hate, then you easily have one of the deepest teams just oozing with confidence in a long time up against the definition of dark horse (squeaking into the playoffs on the last day, the historic spanking on Boston, etc). From that angle alone you have what should be a fun match up. Both teams have put the hurt on marquee netminders too (Lui and Brodeur respectively). Starting on Saturday, we also know the Cup will get a new home for a starved fan base which is also cool.

To think several weeks ago Olli Jokinen, of all people, could have helped stop this scenario. The hockey gods are a hilarious bunch.

I'm holding my nose, pretending I don't actually see Pronger and flipping to orange. We've been rooting for greenmen all year anyway, time to get behind their hometown team (hell if they made a Phillies episode for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we should definitely get a Flyers one right?).

But that's me...who you got Canucks nation?