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Sunday Squid

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-Sharks play the Blackhawks early today (12:00 PST). It's insane to fathom that only Patrick Marleau and Jason Demers have beaten Auntie Niemi in this series. A win by the Hawks and, well, do you blow up that Sharks team? Heads will roll. Where is the scoring depth, San Jose? Dried up like a popcorn fart.

-A comparison of the muliti-million dollar overpayments of Marian Hossa and Dany Heatley.

-Speaking of scoring depth and great goaltending, the Flyers have it as well and the Habs are on the brink of elimination going back to Philly. Fine by me.

-Brian Burke goes on a rant about that whiny story from the IIHF, saying the tournament should be played every second year and definitely not during a year with the Winter Olympics going on. Naturally, from Brian Burke, there is more said than that. Click the link for more.

-The BCHL's Williams Lake Junior A team is folding.

-It's the stacked Russians vs the Czechs in the IIHF Final.

Here is the video footage of the Sedins on The Hour: