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The 2009-2010 Canucks... on Youtube

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This has been a fun season of hockey.  From 11 comeback wins, to 7 hat tricks, to some awesome antics on and off the ice, there has been a pretty damn awesome season.  I decided to scavenger through the Nucks Misconduct archives and YouTube, to find the season's highlights that made big news on our site.  From sicks goals, to amazing saves, to awesome fights and a near-brawl, and even a couple off-ice things, I found most of them and put them here.  I'm probably forgetting a few, so if you find other gems I missed, throw them in the comments.  Enjoy.

In chronological order:


  • Mar 9 vs Avalanche.  Samuelsson sparks a huge 6-4 comeback win by getting a hat trick.
  • Mar 10 vs Coyotes.  You guys remember that night when the audio wasn't working properly, and the TSN panel had to do the commentating for the first part of the game?  James Duthie did the play-by-play, the other guys did colour, and it was bloody hilarious.  Only remaining trace of it is this awesome Raycroft save.
  • March 25 vs Ducks.  I kinda feel bad for Jonas Hiller.  This fluke was hard to see coming.
  • April 2 vs Ducks.  The first goal, then the second goal, and then the third goal!  Michael Grabner gets a hat trick.
  • April 10 vs Flames.  A 7-3 win against our bitter rivals was the perfect way to end the regular season.  And here's Daniel Sedin's hat trick goal: