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A Bit Of Squid - May 2nd

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Well, that was a good game last night.  Basically, the Canucks did everything I asked them to do in my series prediction!  We had a goal from each of the 4 lines, and another from defense. The 1 goal Roberto Luongo let in couldn't really be blamed on anyone, because the puck slid through underneath Luie, and Patrick Kane got to the loose puck first and tucked it in.  Although that was a good game for the Canucks, there is one small issue to address: the Blackhawks didn't show up to play.  We're used to seeing it the other way around.  Be warned, though: don't get too cocky now, since the next game won't be that easy.  The good folk at Second City Hockey have already warned us that the Hawks will come out with a vengeance tomorrow night to redeem theirselves for their horrible Game 1 play.  Remember, there's 7 games in a series for a reason....

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