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A Bit of Squid - May 17th

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All I did was Google "random", and Chuck Norris showed up.  (via <a href=""></a>)
All I did was Google "random", and Chuck Norris showed up. (via
  • The Flyers slaughtered the Canadiens 6-0 to take the Game 1 win.  (NHL, Broad Street Hockey, Habs Eyes on the Prize)
  • The Blackhawks edged the Sharks 2-1 to also take the Game 1 win.  (NHL, Second City Hockey, Fear The Fin)
  • Capitals have resigned Nicklas Backstrom to a 10-year $67M contract this morning.  (NHL)
  • Can the Canadiens bounce back after last night's disaster?  (THN)
  • Looking back at Game 1 of the WCF.  (THN)
  • "I would prefer to have my eyes gouged by rabid bats soaked in fermented vinegar than cheer for Montreal. Any enemy of the Habs is a friend of mine."  Although there were a few good ones, this is probably the most entertaining answer to the Hodgemail question last night.  (TSN)
  • Quisp investigates why the Kings should go after Evgeni Malkin, and what it will take to do so.  (Jewels from the Crown)
  • Dale Tallon has been hired as the new GM for the Florida Panthers.  (NHL, h/t to Smoboy)