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A Bit of Squid - May 15th

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  • The Flyers edged the Bruins 4-3 to win the series and earn a matchup against the Canadiens.  (NHL, Stanley Cup of Chowder, Broad Street Hockey).
  • Both the ECF and the WCF will start Sunday.  Here is the full 3rd round schedule.  (NHL)
  • I missed this before: J. P. (the head honcho at Japer's Rink) wrote a very civil eulogy for the Penguins.  (Puck Daddy)
  • Mike Cammalleri now has the chance to break an NHL record, a modern-day Habs record, and an all-time Habs record for playoff goals.  (Habs Eyes on the Prize)
  • Highlights from the Canucks playoff run.  (CanucksTV)
  • For those of you who want to know who the zebras will be... (NHL)
  • If there were awards for the 2nd round, Sami Salo would've had Toughest Player.  (THN)
  • More analysis of the strange home ice disadvantage trend.  (THN)
  • 3rd round previews, anyone? (THN, ESPN: East/West)
  • One thing is guaranteed: a Stanley Cup drought is about to end.  (TSN)
  • Hey look, Sean and Yankee make an appearance elsewhere.  (From The Rink)
  • The pain the Bruins felt last night will never die.  Just ask a certain ex-Canuck... (Puck Daddy, h/t to WAACH)
  • NHL has released a new "History Will Be Made" video for Philly's epic comeback.  (YouTube)