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Gillis - Vigneault Press Conference

In case you missed the presser, I'll give you a quick summary of what I heard.Keep in mind, the damned feed kept freezing on me.

Gillis:  Didn't compete in playoffs the same as regular season. Need time to evaluate why that happened. Want to address why they couldn't compete before addressing changes. (That was a recurring theme early on in the presser)

Gilis: Team lost focus and had difficulty regaining it in Chicago series.

Gillis: Players made dramatic improvements in regular season, 7 players had career seasons. Canucks didn't match Chicago's emotional level this year or last year. Can't say that the Canucks were the better team. If Chicago was better than Vancouver in certain areas then they were the better team.

Gillis: Spend some time with Roberto and talk to him about captaincy. They like his leadership ability.

Gillis: This summer Canucks have core players signed with lots of cap room. The Canucks need pushes from younger players that were selected. That's where the team can make headway. Young players need to step up to make the team. When they do then Mike's plan that he laid out will come into effect.

-Gillis asked the League to review the Malkin hit on Mitchell

AV: Canucks are a good team. They will improve. In the Chicago series the Hawks won the battle in front of both nets. Canucks could have done better protecting their goaltender.

Gillis: A lot of stuff going on, Olympics and huge road trip. They will look at the amount of games that Luongo plays and see if it really is beneficial to him.

AV: Breakdowns and odd man rushes against in the playoffs came from turnovers

Gillis: Wants a bit more experience for his roster. Guys that don't deviate from the game plan when pressure is on and guys that are patient. When Chicago scored the shorthanded goal in game 2 the team acted like the game plan was not good enough and strayed from it.

Gillis: Would not answer questions about who they want to keep. It's too early after the loss.

Gillis: Cody Hodgson will dictate whether he is ready to play on the team. Management has great faith in him.

AV: Considered dressing 7 D-men for game 6 but at warmup Salo said there was no issues with him and so they decided to go with 6. Hordichuk didn't play because they felt toughness wasn't really an issue but speed and transition was.

Gillis: If the Canucks have any opportunity to improve on July 1st they will go for it.

Gillis: On Ian Clarke not being around full time: who knows. They'll talk about it.

Gillis: AV is signed for 3 years. Management made that commitment to him. Looking at the player personnel will be the first priority

Gillis: SOB beats to his own drum. He has shown signs that he can be a great player. He needs to come to the conclusion as to what kind of player he wants to be. OB needs to make a decision.

Gillis: It's complete commitment from all the players whether they are big or small. Gillis has no preference over a bigger or smaller team. He kept referencing Montreal and their sizes and their success. He likes the up-tempo style of the Canucks but this needs to be translated into playoff success. The coaching staff has adopted Gillis' desires for this style of play.