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O'Brien Speaks Candidly About Arbitration And Future With Canucks

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Leave it to Shane O'Brien to say things in that SOB way when asked about his contract status. From the Vancouver Sun:

"Hopefully I don’t have to go to arb(itration) and, from what I heard, it’s not a pleasant process," he said. "They’ve probably got a lot of material they can use against me so it probably wouldn’t work too well."

No it probably wouldn't. Despite a few blurps in the playoffs O'Brien looked to be improving more and more. I'm having a hard time believing he'll be back given his untimely mic skills and off-ice antics, but you never know with Mike Gillis. SOB could be another one of his pet projects that he'd like to stick with, and perhaps his improved play supercedes his youthful foolishness. Speaking of mic skills, SOB also said:

"I think I could be an even better player if I had a little bit more leeway," O’Brien stated. "If you make a mistake, or have a bad game, they stick with you and you don’t have to worry about sitting in the press box."

Parting shot? Either way, another O'Brien interview that delivers.

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