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Hawks 5 Canucks 1. Game Over

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"You're a fucking dick cheese."
"Yeah I know"
"You're a fucking dick cheese." "Yeah I know"

Ack! Game 6 started off as a classic in the first period with Roberto Luongo playing the hero role, with the Canucks being outshot 13-12 but the game still being scoreless..... But when Dustin Byfuglien smacked Alexander Edler late in the first and took him out of the game, you know that trouble would ensue, especially with Sami Salo playing with a bruised nut. How much more injuries could our defence endure?

Well, that was not the case so much in the end, as Chicago unloaded 2 straight goals at the 2:00 and 2:36 marks of the 2nd period. Both goals were huge defensive breakdowns by Vancouver, which we had seen countless times in the series. Hell, the Canucks did not score their first goal of the game until the 3:44 mark of the 3rd period (Shane O'Brien). They could not get any quality chances (or..refused to shoot the damned puck). By then it was too late. Patrick Kane scored 5 minutes later to make it 4-1 and that rat bastard Byfugly scored 25 seconds later to make it 5-1.

What a fucked up series. When either team let up they got smoked in this series. Tonight was the Canucks' turn.

Much to talk about in regards to these Canucks, but I/we will save it until later.