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A Bit of Squid - May 10th

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That was a much better game.  They realized it's time to step up and win, and they did it to force another game against the Blackhawks.  Somehow, Roberto Luongo found a way to stand on his head again, and the rest of the team figured out a way to help him.  Also helps when Christian Ehrhoff and Kevin Bieksa both find the back of the net for once (or in Kevin's case, twice last night).  Of course, there were a couple strange injuries, with Shane O`Brien having his forehead torn open twice and Sami Salo.... well, we've heard enough about that injury.  Enough so that there are already a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a YouTube fan-made "History Will Be Made" video made about it.  Thankfully, the later reports confirmed it's not ruptured, so that's good news.

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