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A Bit of Squid - May 1st

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HappyCat has more patience than I do.  (via <a href=""></a>)
HappyCat has more patience than I do. (via

We have over-analyzed our series.  We have watched 2 other series begin.  And now, we can't wait any longer.  What will happen this time around for the Canucks vs the Blackhawks?  Will the goons be unleashed, for another brutal series to remember, or will they behave themselves?  Will our forwards dominate the scoreboard, or will they be shut down?  Will our defense be able to stop their very capable forwards, or will they make last year's mistakes again?  Will Luongo be able to dominate the way he needs to, or will he be in trouble?  Can the Canucks make it out of the 2nd round for only the 3rd time in franchise history, or will this just be another 2nd round failure in the books?  Over the next 2 weeks, we will find out the answer, starting with Game 1 tonight at 5:00 pm PST.

Links after the jump.

  • The Penguins started their series with the Canadiens with a 6-3 shellacking.  (NHL, Pensburgh, Habs Eyes on the Prize)
  • Previews for our Game 1.  (NHL, Yahoo, more will obviously come later)
  • One other game today: The Bruins and Flyers start their series as well, with a 9:30 am PST matinee.  (NHL, Stanley Cup of Chowder, Broad Street Hockey)
  • "RDS reports Staal done for season after tendon surgery".  For those of you unaware, Jordan Staal got hurt last night in the Pens game.  Will confirm Already confirmed by TSN.  (@FriedmanHNIC, h/t to WAACH)
  • Jeepers, that series is already getting brutal!  Andrei Markov was also hurt last night, and has been sent back to Montreal for treatment.  (TSN)
  • Another way to compare Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby: shot charts.  (NHL)
  • For all you nay-sayers that still believe that hockey's version of Towel Power doesn't have Canucks origins, you should read this and think again.  (NHL)
  • A quick chat with Mike Gillis about Round 2.  (CanucksTV)
  • What?  The rest of the media disagreed with you about how Ryan Miller should be a Hart nominee?  The voting is done, and the nominees are finalized, so bugger off.  (THN)
  • Hey look, TSN is doing playoff player rankings!  And there's 2 Canucks in the top 4!  (TSN)
  • So, the Islanders think they can take anyone left in the West?  Very funny.  (Lighthouse Hockey, h/t to WAACH)

Throw any more links you find in the comments, and feel free to talk about the Bruins-Flyers game here.