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Your Playoff Drinking With A Purpose, Part II

This beats normal yoga any day of the week.
This beats normal yoga any day of the week.
"Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough"
- Mark Twain

Remember that whole charitable drinking/playoff thingy? In case you don't, the short explanation is we donate money to a worthy cause in the opposition's city for every time the Canucks win in the playoffs. The point being we go all out with analyzing the angles before the games and then spend game nights drinking and eating ourselves into a stupor (unless that is you're working and being a productive member of society) that we should remember there's a big ol' world outside with people who need a helping hand. Or, if that's too cheesy for you, then look at it like we're being charitable to a city who's ass we just kicked. Either one.

Thanks to Jonathan Quick, we were happy to send $100 bucks on over to the Lange Foundation (in truth, we haven't done it yet but as they say: 'the check is in mail').

Now it's time to name our sixth charity in four years and I dig the animal rescue theme. By dumb luck, I was using to look at the Lange Foundation again and right next to it, listed under similar charities, was something called PAWS Chicago. Checking out their mission statement makes it a damn near perfect selection:
PAWS Chicago is the city's largest no kill humane organization, focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets. Since PAWS Chicago's founding in 1997, the number of homeless dogs and cats killed annually has dropped more than 50 percent: from more than 42,000 homeless pets killed in 1997 to under 20,000 killed in 2006. PAWS Chicago is working to build a no kill Chicago - a city where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless. PAWS Chicago will find new homes for more than 3,000 homeless pets this year with the brand new state-of-the-art Lincoln Park Adoption & Humane Center. The PAWS Chicago Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic, the largest free spay/neuter clinic in Chicago and the nation, will sterilize more than 14,000 pets of low-income families this year.

Pretty good, right? Same rules as ever: $25 a win goes to them in hopes that $100 bucks helps them a little to do their thing and gives us a whole lot of sad looking Chicago players and fans.

48 hours until the puck drops...