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Canucks sign Connauton / Injury Updates / Game 1 Series Start

The Canucks announced today that they have signed 20-year-old free agent defenceman super Giant Kevin Connauton. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The 6'1" 195 Edmonton native racked up 72 points in 69 games with the Vancouver Giants this season.

Aaron Rome says he is feeling a lot better. Better than when he attempted a comeback in the Kings series. He's not saying what is feeling better but we are still assuming it's his knee. He could be ready for game 1 if all progresses well.

Ryan Johnson will return sometime in the series. He's at the mercy of the doctors, which he absolutely hates. He told the Province that if it were up to him he'd be back sooner. He also said that missing the first round was the "hardest thing he's had to go through in his career. " Yeah..we miss you, man. Get well soon!

Link to Province article

A lot of people are swinging by here wondering when Game 1 of the Canucks-Blackhawks series will start. We know it's Saturday but the actual start time has not been released. I'd venture out and guess, but checking the Hawks home game start times over the past month there's no rhyme or reason to it...especially if it's on weekends! This could be a noon Pacific Standard Time start for all I know. Weekday start times aren't even all that consistent. (5:00 PST or 5:30 PST.)

Schedule has been released. See here