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You're On The Map. Right?!

Since we have a few days to dedicate towards some NM house cleaning (take out the garbarge, glue the Dustin Brown head back on the bobblehead, buy more liquor, let the dog out), one the bigger agenda items is keeping our transplant map updated. Again, full marks to SCH where I first saw the idea.

About two weeks old now, here's what we have:

View Nucks Misconduct Vancouver Canucks Transplant Map in a larger map


The point is to give you all an easy way to track down and fraternize with your fellow Vancouver fans regardless of time zone or rural entrenchment. If you do meet up with each other and take in a game or two in second round, do send along a pic or two and we'll make sure they get online.

If you ain't on the map and want to be included, just drop your location in the comments. And huge bonus points if we can find someone in South America, the Middle East or Western Russia. Those parts of the map seem awful lonely...