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A Bit of Squid - April 27th

You know what's miserable about exams?  I had to miss all the series clinchers last night to write a differential equations final exam at 7:00 pm PST.  Of course, just as I was starting my exam, the Canucks found out who their second round opponent will be.  Yes, it is what we were all anticipating: we get the Blackhawks.  By beating the Predators last night, Chicago earned themselves a matchup with Vancouver for the 2nd round, for the 2nd year in a row.  We all know what happened last year, and about the strong rivalry that is growing between the 2 teams.  Will the Canucks get revenge this year?  I don't have that answer.  But what I can tell you is that this should be another very exciting series.  I was planning to encourage you all to visit the SBNation Hawks blog Second City Hockey, but reading through all the comments I missed last night, it looks like almost everyone's figured that one out already.

By the way, for all you visitors coming over, I might as well introduce myself like WAACH did in the coffee.  I am Missy (not revealing my real-life name), and I have been part of the NM publishing crew for about 2 weeks now.  Many of you have seen me jumping around all the other sites as NM's "ambassador".  Just recently, I started posting these Bits of Squid, which are daily links to good hockey reads around NHL-following sites.  I cover the basic recaps for most games (individually for the playoffs, in one general link for the regular season), Canucks news, and other interesting stuff.  I don't do that much analytical stuff, I leave that to Sean, Yankee, and WAACH.

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That's all I've found so far.  I know for certain more links will come later on today, so if you find more throw them in the comments.  Feel free to use this as an open discussion thread.