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A Bit of Squid - April 26th

Sorry, but the King is dead. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Sorry, but the King is dead. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Although last night started a little rougher, the Canucks pulled off another 3rd period comeback to win both the game and the series 4-2 to move on to the next round.  Roberto Luongo stood on his head, Daniel Sedin scored the winner, and Alexandre Burrows finally got a goal, an empty netter to seal the deal.  The Kings played a very hard series, but it was not meant to be for them.  Be sure to swing by Jewels from the Crown and Battle Of California at some point to thank them for an excellent series.  Yankee has already posted handshake threads at each, so the links above will go straight to them.

After the game, Luongo said the following to Scott Oake:  "After the [Olympic] gold-medal game, I told [Patrick Kane] that I'd see him in the playoffs".  Well, he just might be getting what he asked for.  Since the Sharks and Canucks have taken 2nd round spots, it is now possible to look and see who we might get.  If the Predators pull off the upset, they will get San Jose, and we'll get the winner of the Coyotes-Red Wings series.  But if the Blackhawks move on to the 2nd round, we get Chicago.  Oh boy, this will get fun!  Will we get our sweet revenge for last year's series?  Stay tuned....  (In the meantime, check out Five For Howling, Second City Hockey, and Winging It In Motown to start talking to our potential 2nd round opponents.)

Links after the jump.

  • Recaps of last night's game.  (NHL, Nucks Misconduct, Jewels from the Crown, Canucks, Kings, Yahoo, ESPN, Vancouver Sun)
  • Coyotes easily beat the Red Wings 5-2 to force a Game 7, which will be on Tuesday.  (NHL, Five For Howling, Winging It In Motown)
  • Today's schedule: Capitals have another chance to eliminate the Canadiens, Sabres will try to force the Bruins into a game 7, and Blackhawks will try to finish off the Predators.  (NHL)
  • Jacques Lemaire, head coach of the Devils, announced his retirement this morning.  (NHL)
  • Ah, Luie is shining like a star again...  (Puck Daddy)
  • Poor Connie Kim.  She chose to go to this of all games.... (Jewels from the Crown)
  • Meanwhile, Ryan Kesler likes to party.  (CanucksTV)  (Sean/Yankee: I tried to make this a fanshot on the main page, but it wasn't liking the html.... h/t to WAACH for finding it on YouTube, now it's its own fanshot.)
  • Go here to find your post-game videos.  (CanucksTV)
  • A look back at the series.  (NHL)
  • Masterton finalists: Jose Theodore, Jed Ortmeyer, and Kurtis Foster.  (NHL)
  • Unfortunately, the Manitoba Moose did not have the same luck last night, as they fell 3-2 in OT to the Hamilton Bulldogs and were eliminated from the Calder Cup playoffs.  (Moose)

Throw any more links you find in the comments.  Also, feel free to use the Squid as discussion threads as well.