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Another Third Period Rally Helps Canucks Advance

Clutch twinkee. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Clutch twinkee. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

For the second straight game in Los Angeles, the Kings dictated the play for vast stretches of the first two periods only to have the Sedins storm back in the third to get the win.

Full marks to the Kings for owning the first period outright. The ice was tilted as they hammered home 16 SOG and didn't give the Canucks any room to either (a) move through the neutral zone and (b) secure any quality scoring chances on Quick; I don't know if the lack of shots hurt Quick in the long run (Luongo often suffers from inaction). Frolov solved Luongo with a power wrap around and the only first period positive was the Canucks PK.

The second was similar, but you could see the ice beginning to level off and Vancouver regained a bit of their ES game. Oh and Luongo did this. Steve Bernier cashed in on the man advantage but Drew Doughty blasted one in shortly before the period ended to set up a tense third. Vancouver finally outshot the Kings and got quality scoring chances in the third. Kevin Bieksa (...wait, who did what?!...) took advantage of Quick moving a bit too much side to side to knot it early in the period. Both teams engaged in a bit of a track meet midway through; Parse nearly put the Kings on top with a shot that just skirted wide of the far post. With time winding down, who else by twinkee Daniel Sedin pounching on a loose puck and wristing the game winner past Quick. Burrows added the ENG with a Luc Bourdon celebration to top off the win.

We've touted the Twins enough (and will continue to fall over ourselves to do so) but Luongo and Bernier deserve some applause. Luongo had his strongest game in weeks and ended with 30 saves. Think back to his monster goalmouth save in game one and subsequent big saves against Frolov in game four and Smyth tonight. And where this version of Steve Bernier has been hiding is quite the mystery. Excellent positioning, finally using his body, blocking shots and eating up shooting lanes...and scoring? Welcome back to the circle Steve.

Onwards and upwards and - maybe - a chance to solve the post season demons from last season.

One last thing - $100 to some needy animals. Simply. Awesome.