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Saturday NHL Action Open Thread

Yes, that is a tooth. Yes, hockey rules!
Yes, that is a tooth. Yes, hockey rules!

There are 3 games on today with 2 of them being potential elimination games.

Nashville (On The Forecheck) at Chicago (Second City Hockey). Series tied 2-2. Already in progress, Hawks up 2-1 in the first period.

Pittsburgh (Pensburgh) at Ottawa (Silver Seven). 4:00 PM PST. Penguins lead series 3-2. Ottawa has a bit of momentum after winning the marathon game 4 and now return home to hopefully extend the series to a deciding 7th game. Go Sens!

San Jose (Fear The Fin) at Colorado (Mile High Hockey). 7:00 PST. Sharks lead series 3-2. Is there anything left in Mr. Anderson's gas tank? He's had a long and tremendous season. San Jose is now playing like they want to win. I'm thinking this is the final game.