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A Bit of Squid - April 24th

Third line party!  Woot woot!  (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Third line party! Woot woot! (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Rick Rypien bulldozing a guy?  Shane O`Brien fighting Wayne SimmondsMikael Samuelsson tying franchise playoff records?  A 7-2 shellacking of the Kings?  Chasing Jonathon Quick out of net only to have him need to return after 2 of the next 4 shots were goals?  Andrew Alberts getting more points than Alexandre Burrows?  Damn it, I missed one hell of a game!  After the first period, I went downtown to go clubbing with my friend and a bunch of her friends.  Although there were televisions at the bars, I wasn't able to closely watch, although I did notice a few goals and a 7-2 final.  Well, that's a good way to face Game 5 when the series is tied up, so let's see if the Canucks can repeat this effort in Game 6 on Sunday night.  If they do, it could be the end of the series...... :)

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