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Crucify Him!


Is the image disturbing? Offensive? Well they used to crucify a lot of people back in the old days so relax. Nowadays it's reserved to Canuck players who absolutely poop the bed and become a hindrance to their team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Andrew Alberts has been given a multitude of chances to fit in as a Canuck. Leniency has been shown to him by both Alain Vigneault and a few Canucks fans alike because he needed to adjust to the Canucks' system. Alberts himself admitted that he was having a hard time doing so.

However, when you take 4 minor penalties and one major in 2 playoff games the patience wears out. Andrew may have played his last game as a Canuck on Saturday night. 3 minor penalties, none of them excusable, in a 3-2 loss to the Kings in Game 2. Sure, the Canucks killed off all 3 penalties that AA took but that is not the point. That is extra energy exerted killing 6:00 worth of 5 on 4 that shouldn't be happening in the first place. Alberts was benched after his 3rd minor of the game. Rightfully so.

So, as was mentioned in the game thread...when is Aaron Rome ready? It can't be soon enough. Hell, I'll take Evan Oberg of Nolan Baumgartner over Alberts at this point. It's just so disappointing. AA has great size and his speed isn't terrible. He hits to kill which I can appreciate. But when a guy makes Ed Jovanovski look like Jere fucking Lehtinen we have a problem.

Alain Vigneault said post game that "he didn't think AA's penalties were all that good and that we'll see what happens next game." There shouldn't be a next game for Alberts.

Now..aside from that I wasn't a big fan of the too many men penalty in OT. That was a bit tight. The Canucks moved into a tight square in front of Luongo on that PK and paid for it. The point men and even Anze Kopitar for that matter were given too much time and space to make a play. Anyone making a big deal of the knob on Lou's stick? Well cut it out. Shit happens and that was unlucky. Luongo is looking pretty damned good to me.