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Your Playoff Drinking With A Purpose

I wish I could have been there with this guy woke up.
I wish I could have been there with this guy woke up.
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning,
that's as good as they're going to feel all day."
- Frank Sinatra

For the past few years we've run this idea originally called "Ornery for Humanity" but I'm married to the concept more than the name. In essence, it means we donate money to a worthy cause in the opposition's city for every time the Canucks win in the playoffs (and hey, they don't win much, it's how we can still afford rent).

The point being we go all out with analyzing the angles before the games and then spend game nights drinking and eating ourselves into a stupor (unless that is you're working and being a productive member of society) that we should remember there's a big ol' world outside with people who need a helping hand. Or, if that's too cheesy for you, then look at it like we're being charitable to a city who's ass we just kicked. Either one.

We rolled it out in 2007 with donations to a Dallas food kitchen and then a children's hospital in Anaheim. Last year we sent some coin towards the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund and followed it up with the Blackhawks Charities (I know, like someone needs to be more charitable to that damn team?).

Now it's LA turn and we'll change it up again. At first It's tempting to find some weird stripper fund or breast surgery charity to aim our moneygun at, but we'll behave (more or less). Instead, as a happy dog owner, I'm taking the Lange Foundation this time: a large nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue in LA. Founded by Toronto-native Gillian Lange, these good people spend their driving around LA (which is no small feat) finding animals no one wants from shelters, put them in half way kennel homes (with some celebrity help) and then ideally off to new homes. It's been in business for almost a decade and Gillian herself works for free, zero compensation from the foundation. Gets ya all warm and fuzzy inside admit it.

So $25 bucks a Vancouver win goes right to them. Unless the Kings hate animals and want to see them suffer? No no, just kidding. Sort of.

24 hours to go...