Fantasy Playoffs: Team Bracket Picks

UPDATE: There is just under 21 hours left before the puck drops at 4:00 pm PST tomorrow for the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series, and this is the deadline for signing up, so hurry up and do so while there's time.

It is time to make our picks. In the post from 12 days ago, the poll showed a preference for the separate competitions (you can find the player competition here). I would've waited for the Edmonton-Anaheim game to finish, but since it has no effect on this, it doesn't matter.

We will use a similar format as with the Olympics, except for that, due to the reseeding method the NHL uses in the playoffs (if you're not sure how this works, look it up now), it will be a bit more complicated to determine the 2nd round matchups. Here is the format for how to put your predictions in the comments sections:

Conference Quarterfinals:

"West1" (team name) in (# of games it takes to win the series) (example: Canucks in 6)

"West2" in #


"East4" in #

Conference Semifinals:

"WestA" in #

"WestB" in #

"EastA" in #

"EastB" in #

Conference Finals:

"WestChamps" in #

"EastChamps" in #

Stanley Cup Finals:

"Champions" in #

As for points, you will get 3 points for correctly calling the winning team for each 1st round matchup, 4 points in the 2nd round, 5 points in the 3rd round, and 6 points in the final round. Also, as a little extra twist, we can get points for calling how many games it takes to win the series (this only counts when you call the winning team). Calling the number of games will get you an extra point for the series in the 1st round, 2 points in the 2nd round, 3 points in the 3rd round, and 4 points in the final round. For example, should the Canucks win their 1st-round matchup in 6 games, the prediction "Canucks in 6" will be worth 4 points instead of just 3.

Due to the matchup methods in the 2nd round, I have a points rule to explain. Consider the West predictions "Canucks in 6" and "Sharks in 7" for the 2nd round (Eastern Conference will follow the same rules). Should the matchups turn out differently than anticipated, you will still only get points if the Canucks and/or Sharks win their 2nd round matchup(s). Any other results (such as Canucks and/or Sharks losing, or matchups between any other teams) will give no points. Should it occur that the Canucks and Sharks end up meeting each other in the 2nd round, then the prediction for the winning team will hold (Canucks win takes "Canucks in 6", Sharks win takes "Sharks in 7"), and no points will come from the other Western matchup.

Starting right now, you have until puck drop for the very first NHL playoff game on Wednesday to place your predictions. No changes will be allowed during the playoffs. I will post the first leaderboard at the end of the 1st round. Good luck.

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