Fantasy Playoffs: Players Competition Picks

UPDATE: There is just under 21 hours left before puck drop at 4:00 pm PST for the Pittsburgh-Ottawa game, and this is the deadline for signing up. We only have 13 people signed up so far, and I'm wondering where everyone else is.....

Well, it's time to make our picks. It was decided that we would have 2 separate competitions (you can find the team bracket one here). I would've waited for the end of the Edmonton-Anaheim game, but it has no effect on this.

We'll go with the same setup andrew21nz used for the Olympics: we each select 14 players, including at least 3 defencemen, maximum of 1 player per playoff team, and all your players must combine for a maximum 800 regular season points (final numbers). If you wish to participate, please post your predictions in the comments section using the following format:

1. Player name (team name) - # points (examples: Ponikarovsky (Penguins) - 50, H. Sedin (Canucks) - 112)


14. Player name (team name) - # points

Total points: #

During the playoffs, goals and assists are worth 1 point each, as before. This time, however, I'm adding an extra twist: game-winning goals are worth 2 points instead of 1. Also, series-winning goals are worth 3 points, and the Stanley Cup winning goal is worth 4 points.

Starting now, you have until puck drop for the first NHL playoff game on Wednesday to place your predictions. No changes will be allowed during the playoffs. I will post the first leaderboard at the end of the 1st round. Good luck.

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