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Demitra Back On Ice, Bernier To Travel With Team To Cali

Pavol Demitra declared his wife Maria "fine" and "out of danger" today. Demo has not skated or exercised since he took his leave, so he will stay in Vancouver to get back in shape while his mates head to California.

Steve Bernier, who has missed the last 14 games due to sports hernia surgery will travel with the team and take morning skates with the boys. He could return ahead of schedule. He is saying he feels great. I wonder how his hands are doing.

Either way you slice it, the Canucks have pleasant problems arising. With the imminent returns of Demo, Bernier and Samuelsson who sits and who plays? Does Michael Grabner keep his roster spot? Time for a little armchair coaching:





That's about what I'd do, especially for the playoffs. I definitely think Bernier should stay on line 4 and get promoted if he shows signs of finishing. I know Alain Vigneault doesn't hand out as much ice time to line 4, but really, why not ice the best team? Are Hordichuk and Rypien really necessary in the playoffs? Not as much. But something tells me I'm not going to get my way with the lineup I listed.

Oh by the way, a certain writer at The Hockey News doesn't think Henrik Sedin deserves the Hart Trophy. Before you assault him, read his opinion.