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Vancouver Acquires Yan Stastny

Yan Stastny

#25 / Center / St. Louis Blues



Sep 30, 1982

Gillis finally makes a move, trading Pierre-Cedric Labrie (from HF: Labrie’s limited skating will prevent him from ever being more than a role player at any level) to St. Louis for Yan Stastny.


  • An "honest worker" with his limited ice time
  • Cheap ($500,000)
  • Can play center or wing
  • Comes from a notable hockey family that includes father Peter, uncle Anton or brother Paul


  • He's a combined -20 for his career
  • He's only played in four games this year and his career best is only 34 (last year).
  • He's a reserve forward at best

Not the splash we wanted for the third line, but we'll take it in case the forward ranks suffer any more injuries.