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Luongo And Vigneault Not Quite Seeing Eye To Eye On Canucks' Style Of Play

Roberto Luongo has been pulled 4 times in his last 13 games started. What did he have to say about that? 

"We are playing a different brand of hockey this year and it's been more offensive. We are not as conservative as we used to be."

Coach Vigneault did not agree.

"I think maybe what has happened, especially during this (recent) road trip, when you give up early goals you have to press, you have to try and make the ground up," he said. "When you are pressing, obviously you are going to give up more chances and a lot of those chances are going to be rush chances because you are pressing. But as far as the style of play that we are playing since I have been here, it's the exact same thing. The skill level has changed, but the style of play is the same."

There isn't a war brewing here. But I'll tell you what I think. I say Luongo is not playing as well as he can AND the Canucks are not playing as well defensively. It's kind of hard to complain when the team is sitting in 3rd spot in the West. More on this at the Vancouver Sun.