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Wednesday Morning Coffee- Of Rocket Science And Stuff...

Well wasn't that a great game!  While I will keep my seat on the bus, I will point out once again, I felt strongly that last night would have been a great opportunity to rest Luongo and play Raycroft.  And while the coach didn't listen to me (what's up with that, Alain? j/k), and 4 goals on 12 shots was pretty damn brutal, that game was as much an indication of a goalie that needs a rest to get focused for the stretch drive and playoffs as it was that our defense misses Willie Mitchell and Shane O'Brien.

The Islanders played a decent road game, but for a guy who had a 5 point night, John Tavares was hardly a world beater.  He had a good night, but his outburst was as much about puck luck as anything else.  I could sit here and totally go all CSI on the game last night, but what's the point?  Bad game, missed opportunity, move on.  Much bigger game tomorrow night, and fortunately for the Canucks, there are no last place teams in the playoffs.  I don't know why they play down to bad teams.  But I am tired of trying to figure it out.  Whatever.  Next.

So once again, I say there's an opportunity to play Raycroft.  Next week, against the Oilers.  That gives Luongo 3 full days of rest after the Red Wings Saturday, and then play Luongo Thursday night against Anaheim.  A well rested and focused Luongo is a key to the Canucks success.  The Canucks coaching staff had better make this a priority.

Should we be concerned about Roberto Luongo?  Nope.  But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he needs more rest heading into the playoffs than past years.  And with a backup goalie that's been one of the pleasant surprises this season for Vancouver, they actually have the luxury of being able to do that should they choose.

Corned Beef Hash or Lucky Charms?

Colorado takes on the Flames in a game that sees us Canucks fans actually having to cheer for Calgary.  An Avalanche win combined with the crapping the bed the Canucks treated us to last night means the Avs can move to within 1 point of the Canucks with a victory.  The Flames had better muster a better effort than they gave against Detroit Monday night.

Anaheim beating Chicago without Ryan Getzlaf and Teemu Selanne seems pretty unlikely, but we will keep our fingers crossed that they can get it done and keep the Hawks within striking distance for the Canucks.

What was more disconcerting last night: That San Jose got absolutely destroyed by Dallas, or that Washington wasn't able to hit double digits against Florida?  Boy, the impact of the Alexander Ovechkin suspension is hitting that team hard, eh?