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Cha-Chaing: Charity Results for Canucks for Kids


A big thanks to everyone who stopped by last night for the game threads in conjunction with the Canucks For Kids telethon. I'll admit we didn't plan it terribly well (my fault), but we still managed to get a combined 1,721 comments on the books. At $.05 a pop, that's $86.05. We rounded it up to a cool C-note that Zandberg, Smoboy and I each plunked down. If you want to count Temujin's generous donation of the same amount, then we managed $400 for to quickly resign Ryan Kesler Canucks For Kids.

For the record, the last update on Twitter I saw had their grand total at $1,032,001 (or roughly double what our back up goalie makes).

It's a testament to you all who stopped by and kept the nickel rainstorm churning, especially the East Coast folks from PPPBroad Street Hockey and In Lou We Trust and the guys we are usually knocking skulls with in the West (Five For Howling, Hockey Wilderness, SLGT and the brave few from Matchsticks and Gasoline). Karma points all around everyone, great job.