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Samuelsson Grabs NHL First Star of the Week Honors

Since we're in such a charitable mood these days, we should get together and buy Bengt Aake-Gustafsson some flowers or, if he's hungry, a Swiss Colony Beef Log. Meanwhile he should probably just stop reading anything to do with hockey until about, oh, say June.

From the NHL:

Mikael Samuelsson was disappointed at not being named to Sweden's Olympic team. He's taking out his frustration on the Vancouver Canucks' opponents.

At age 33, Samuelsson is having a career season, including a week that saw him get his first NHL hat trick and finish with 6 goals and 10 points in four games to help the Canucks go 3-0-1 while completing the longest road trip in NHL history and returning home with a pair of victories. That effort earned him NHL First Star of the Week honors.

We told you you wouldn't like him when he gets angry.