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Vaya con Dios, Brah: Canucks & Lightning

Ohlund nurturing baby Edler in a previous season. [<a href=""></a>]
Ohlund nurturing baby Edler in a previous season. []

Matty, Matty, Matty.

It's been sometime. Too long some would say. The last time we saw you wasn't so hot.

But you had to go. It was time. 11 seasons is a long haul in this day and age. We all shared a sniffle when you left (30 seconds after free agency begun). But you had a family to feed and new challenges to tackle. You now patrol a different blueline, swapped an Edler for a Lundin and now bash skulls with the Crosbys and Oveckins of the league instead of the Iginlas and Zetterbergs. (Having just written that, some would suggest you chose poorly). Tampa offered you more sun and the chance to play every defenseman's dream: like Willie Mitchell.

Speaking of which, do send Willie a lobstergram or a build-a-bear or something. He's more Lindros than man these days.

We've moved on too, namely in the form of Christian Ehrhoff. He's younger, a pinch more German and schools you in almost every statistical category except hits and PK time. Same goes for baby Edler in fact. You know let's not even look at stats because the only d-man you're better than now is SOB and he, to his credit, at least has a goal.

We didn't come to be mean Matty (truth be told, we don't want to be on this road trip at all). But it's not often you see a guy who bleed Canuck blue (or green or black or mauve or yellow or whatever our color is) as long as you did and not get a bit amped up. On the one hand, if you scored your first goal tonight it would seem almost right. On the other hand, if Raymond makes you look like a pylon as so many Hawks did in the playoffs, that would warm our hearts in a way.

So although those colors don't look right (but hurting a Duck sure does) you're not forgotten sir. For many of us we keep looking for #2 out there on some nights. You're not the player you once were, but you're seemingly happy. And we're

As Johnny Utah says, "Life sure has a sick sense of humor, doesn't it?"

Gamethread on.