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Some Canucks Stats To Chew On

I hate extended breaks between Canucks games, even if they are only a few days. However it's in times like these that I can look at stats a little closer, and no, not CORSI either. I stick to the basics and leave the technical stuff to others. Here are some Canucks stats I'll throw your way to hopefully amuse you a little.

-The Canucks are 2nd in the NHL in goals-for in the first period this year, although you wouldn't think that given the last few games. They are 28th in goals-for in the 2nd period and 2nd in goals-for in the 3rd period.

-Vancouver is 26th in the NHL in least goals-allowed in the first period, 1st overall in least goals-allowed in the 2nd period and 2nd in that category in the 3rd period (Devils are #1).

-The Canucks are 3rd in the NHL in goals-for (181). They are 2nd in the NHL in goals-for at home (110) and 4th in goals-against (62).

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They are 3rd in power play goals scored at home (29) and 11th in power play goals against (18).


-The road is a different story. Vancouver is 17th in the NHL in goals-for on the road (71 in 26 games), 11th in goals-against (76), 9th in power play goals for (21), and 20th in power play goals against (23).

-The Canucks have a 17-15-1 record when outshooting opponents. They have a 17-5-1 record when being outshot.

-The Canucks are well into the bottom half of the League in minor, major and misconduct penalties-taken.

Now on to some all-time Canucks individual stats with the Sedins in particular:

-Daniel Sedin's 195 goals puts him only 2 behind Thomas Gradin.

-Henrik's 25 goals this season moves him into 15th spot on the list, 2 goals behind Brendan Morrison.

-Current Canucks all-time leaders in assists:

1. Trevor Linden: 415

2. Stan Smyl: 411

3. Markus Naslund: 410

4. Henrik Sedin: 404

5. Thomas Gradin: 353

6. Daniel Sedin: 349

-Current Canucks all-time leaders in points:

1. Markus Naslund: 756

2. Trevor Linden: 733

3. Stan Smyl: 673

4. Thomas Gradin: 550

5. Henrik Sedin: 538

6. Daniel Sedin: 514

7. Pavel Bure: 478

-Daniel's 7 game-winning goals this season puts him only 6 away from leader Markus Naslund (49). Naslund played 12 seasons in Vancouver, Daniel is playing in his 9th. Henrik's 5 GWG's moves him past Stan Smyl and into 9th spot.

-Alexandre Burrows is now 5th overall in shorthanded goals (12). He recently passed Petri Skriko, and is is now 1 SHG behind Stan Smyl and Alexander Mogilny. Pavel Bure is the all-time Canucks leader with 24 shorthanded goals.

-Roberto Luongo's 30 wins this season puts him past Richard Brodeur and into 2nd spot on the all-time list with 145 wins. That is 66 wins behind Kirk McLean, who took 11 seasons to reach 211 wins. Luongo is in his 4th year.

Thanks to and Canucks Library for the stats.