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Strange faces in weird places: Canucks & Bruins

WTF Boston?
WTF Boston?

Vancouver hasn't visited Boston since December of 2006. Just to refresh your memory, here are some other 2006 'naked' truths (zing!):

  • Canucks were the third best in the league (105 pts), Bruins were 13th (76 pts)
  • Pluto got demoted as a planet (shaking fist angrily at the sky)
  • Heatley was a Senator and Hossa was a Thrasher
  • Reese Witherspoon and her monkey face inexplicably won an Oscar for Best Actress
  • Jagr was still in the NHL
  • A mutant rabbit ravaged the sleepy town of Felton, England. Seriously.
  • Hasek had the best save% in the league
  • A classy drunk in Ottawa levied the Shania Twain defense to stay out of jail.
  • Eric Lindros still played hockey (mentally he was on the forest moon of Endor)
  • Two words: Zinedine Zidane.
  • "I had a vision for this club and it included a Stanley Cup and a parade. I wasn't able to accomplish the job." -- Fired Canuck coach Marc Crawford, June 2006
  • Milan Lucic was 19 years old and Mason Raymond was 21
  • "What do you do? Punch little buttons and things?" - Larry King know the interwebs.
  • Steve Bernier had 31 points in 62 games. He has 20 points in 51 this year. Go ahead...facepalm.

The Canucks go from trying to stop 11 straight wins in Ottawa one day to trying to force 10 straight losses in Boston on another. Sure, why not.

Gamethread....yawn....Go Canucks go....zzzzzzzzz....