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Entering The Terrible Twos!

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Let's ignore the losing streak, our laughable bottom six, the injuries, Matty Schneider, laser pointers, diving, Burrows/Auger, tampering and Death To Scoring Chances (sure, I cheated there) to do something that's easy enough: blatant self adulation!

One year ago today Sean and I christened the HMS Nucks Misconduct and set sail in the choppy NHL bloggy waters. We had our highs (the spring of 2009, winning the NW, sweeping St. Louis) and some lows (the Chicago series, the non-existent trade deadline, Mats Sundin...ha!) but overall not a bad way to start things off.

As we've said before, the bulk of the fun in our community comes from you all. Just last month you blew out our best traffic to date. More fun with numbers one year in:

  • Members: 957
  • FanPosts: 350
  • FanShots: 657
  • Comments: 79,447

A big thanks still goes out to Mirtle, the entire (seriously, even the janitors) team at SBN and the other SBN NHL blogs for making our network the place to be for everything hockey-related.

But, again, thanks to you guys and gals out there for keeping us going. As long as you keep chiming in on the gamethreads or keep penning great fanposts and fanshots, we'll be here.

...there, that wasn't so bad. You may now return to your Friday responsibilities of gambling on the next Salo injury, rubbing the rabbit's foot for Cody Hodgson and what booze compliments Cinnamon Toast Crunch for tomorrow morning's game.