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Whoever goes the longest without puking wins: Canucks & Sens

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Vancouver Canucks
@ Ottawa Senators

Thursday, Feb 4, 2010, 4:30 PM PST
Scotiabank Place
Opposition Blog: Silver Seven

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With the Canuckaollapalooza tour hitting up Ottawa, this space is typically where you make the obligatory joke or ten about the Senators. But because they're on such a tear, we're not allowed to. We have to "respect" the opposition. Mmmkay?

Here's seven random facts for this evening:

  • Fact 1: Ottawa is gunning for 11 straight wins.
  • Fact 1a: They don't score as often as the Canucks and are dead last on the PP. And, oh yeah, Vancouver still has a better record.
  • Fact 2: Whoever the hell Brian Elliott - and his eight game winning streak - is making Roberto Luongo look like Mika Noronen.
  • Fact 2a: The captain still has more wins, a better GAA and S%.
  • Fact 3: Jason Spezza has a mind numbing seven-game goal streak...
  • Fact 3a: give him 11 total on the year, the same amount that Death To Scoring Chances has.
  • Fact 4: Daniel Alfredsson leads the Sens in assists with 28.
  • Fact 4a: Both the twins and Kesler have more than that and Daniel alone has played nine fewer games.
  • Fact 5: Alexi Kovalev has 39 points and earns $5,000,000 a season.
  • Fact 5a: Mason Raymond has 40 points and earns $883,333 a season.
  • Fact 6: As of right now, Dany Heatley has 30G & 31A for 61 points.
  • Fact 6a: As of right now, Milan Michalek & Jonathan Cheechoo have a combined 23G & 15A for 38 points. Mikael Samuelsson has 37...all by his f'ing self.
  • Fact 7: Alain Vigneault won a Jack Adams once. Hell he may do it again.
  • Fact 7a: Cory Clouston throws sacks of kittens into the Rideau Canal before stealing candy from disabled preschoolers. (note: this one may not be true, we're still investigating)

Maybe the Sens will eek out a win because the 'Nucks bottom sick six continue to bring the full on suck and our defensive regime of musical chairs continues (who's in tonight, my mom?). But not likely. Sorry ladies, your streak ends here. It's all over...except the puking of course.

Gamethread on.