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The Hate Is On: Canada-USA Game Thread

U.S.A. (5-0)
Canada (5-1)


Time 12:15 PST
U.S.A. Category Canada
22 Goals For 32
Goals Against 14
Power Play Goals 7

Rafalski: 4-4-8

Parise: 3-4-7

Leading Scorer

Heatley: 4-3-7

Toews: 0-7-7

Miller: 95.37%
Goalie Save Percentage
Luongo 91.95%

At long last, the Gold Medal Dream (Re)Match. A game that will live forever in hockey history and lore. The biggest spotlight will be on goaltending. Will Ryan Miller stone the Canadians again? Is Luongo about to win the game of his life? Watching the highlights from the 5-3 US win I noticed that most of Miller's biggest saves were from shots that were basically along the ice or close to it. Shoot high! And screen him and keep those deflection goals coming!

I don't care about what Miller has done in the past and at what level. The bottom line is that he is the best player in  Olympics hockey in 2010. His performance has been outstanding and heroic.

Beyond Heatley and Toews (7 points each), Crosby, Iginla, Getzlaf, Boyle and Staal have 6 points each. Marleau, Nash, Keith and Pronger have 5 points each. Canada will need another relentless attack on the Americans to beat them. Who will be this year's version of Joe Sakic in the final game? Somebody please step forward.

I can't stand the American team. The hate is on. I don't want to read or listen to the punks south of the border bragging about a Vancouver hockey gold over the next 4 years and beyond. Let them brag about their military might, or their first black president, or Oprah Winfrey. But not hockey. No, that is our game, whether they like it or not and regardless of the outcome of this one.

Here's little clip that sums it up...for me anyways. (language)

All in good fun. Relax. Put down your weapons of mass destruction.

Enjoy the game! Go Canada go!