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Don't Take Slovakia Lightly: Canada vs Slovakia Game Thread

Slovakia (4-1)
Canada (4-1)


Time 6:30 PST
Slovakia Category Canada
17 Goals For 29
Goals Against 12
Power Play Goals 6

Demitra: 2-5-7

Hossa: 2-5-7

Leading Scorer

Heatley: 4-3-7

Toews: 0-7-7

Halak 92.31%
Goalie Save Percentage
Luongo 92.42%

Here's a matchup nearly no one expected to see at this stage of the Men's Hockey Tournament. Pavol Demitra scored a goal and 2 assists while Marian Hossa had 3 assists as the Slovaks stunned the world with a 4-3 victory over powerhouse Sweden on Wednesday night. The Slovaks had also edged the Russians 2-1 back on February 19. They are not to be taken lightly. More after the jump..

It's strange seeing guys like Ziggy Palffy and Jozef Stumpel playing again on North American ice. These guys can still get the job done. Alas, no "Special Agent" Peter Bondra out there anymore.

All Canada has to do is come out with the same intensity that they showed against the Germans and Russians and they shouldn't have too many problems winning this one. Is Halak ready to put in a Ryan Miller performance? He's going to have to do that or the Slovaks don't have a chance.

-I think the team looks good in front of Luongo, and more comfortable.

-When guys like Nash, Getzlaf and Perry start rolling, opposing teams are in trouble.

-Canada has an edge in the physical department. Crash and bang! Just don't hurt Demo too badly. We need him.

-The Slovaks have scored one more power play goal than Canada has. There's no use giving taking too many penalties against them.

-Speaking of, is he a big story in Olympics Men's Hockey this year or what? He made the Sedins look like Hansel and Gretel.

A loss to Slovakia would be a huge let down for Canada. I just can't see it happening.

Hopefully by the time this thread is posted the Fins will have beaten Team America.

Alright here are a few clips for ya:

Check out scenic Slovakia (with their anthem playing in the background). Nice digs!

Hey, I can appreciate this...Slovakia's Got Talent indeed!

Slovakians do love hockey, as you can tell from this clip from 2002 when the beat the Russians.

Alright enough of the nice stuff. Go Canada go! Wreck these guys!