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Canada vs Russia, Crosby vs Ovechkin, Whatever: Canada-Russia Game Thread

Russia (2-1)
Canada (3-1)


Time 4:30 PST
Russia Category Canada
13 Goals For 22
Goals Against 9
Power Play Goals 5
Malkin 3-2-5
Leading Scorer Heatley 4-2-6
Nabokov 91.11%
Goalie Save Percentage
Luongo 94.74%

On any other day than the Olympics I admire Alex Ovechkin, but not now. Dimitry Chesnokov tweeted last night: Ovechkin:

"Losing to the US is a hit on Crosby and Canada. Asking him questions about Russia now will only p*ss him off a little. Do it."

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Somebody post that on the wall in Team Canada's dressing room! Those kinds of quotes (if it is legit) can rally and motivate a team further. Canada is going to need all the motivation it can get. This is a huge game against a superpower in the world of hockey. Make Ovechkin eat his words. I want to see Malkin's parents crying in the stands. Send them home in a "wah"mbulance.

Like I said prior to the Germany game, it wasn't so bad that Canada lost to the States. It gave them another game to get their act together. I thought Luongo was solid against Germany. I thought the Crosby-Iginla-Staal line played well enough to keep in tact. Rick Nash scored his first ever Olympic goal. Our D scored twice, after scoring nothing prior to the game against the Germans. Now it's time to kick some ass. Chris Pronger worked his way out of the doghouse and was rewarded with more ice time as the game went along. Same with Scott Niedermayer.

This is fun times for me. My Russian wife has just expressed her hate for Team Canada (and Crosby, which I can't totally fault her for) so my house is divided mostly.

A battle of epic proportions. Win or go home.

Go Canada go!!

A clip to get you into the groove...

OK, no.

This will suffice. It will never die: