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Germany vs Canada Game Thread

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Germany (0-3)
Canada (2-1)


Time 4:30 PST
Germany Category Canada
3 Goals For 14
Goals Against 7
Power Play Goals 4
Heidi Klum
Leading Scorer Heatley 4-1-5
Greiss 83.3%
Goalie Save Percentage
Luongo 100%

So Canada suffered a setback against the USA. It has hardly been bothering me at all. Sure, they have to play an extra game before potentially getting into the medal-qualifying rounds. No biggy. I look at it as a positive. They have an extra game to get their act together. You may question me for saying "getting their act together" after Ryan Miller robbed them last game. But there is a lack of execution in several areas that was evident against the Swiss and the Americans. They have to bury their chances. What better time to get their confidence up (if that is even the case) again than pummeling the win-less Germans?

Over confident? Not at all. This game is a gimme. Period. Losing is not an option and is highly unlikely. This should be a spanking. End of story. Pronger, Niedermayer, Perry..get it together. As my old man used to say: "Shit or get off the pot." And it's not just those 3 that need to do so.

The defencemen have NO GOALS!

This is Roberto Luongo's big chance. He needs to play so well that the Canadian coaching staff has no reason but to play him again and again and again. Was that Brodeur's last game in the Olympics? We'll find out soon.

Here's a video...heheh...just watch it