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The Heat Is On: Canada vs USA Game Thread

U.S.A. (2-0)
Canada (2-0)


Time 4:30 PST
U.S.A. Category Canada
9 Goals For 11
Goals Against 2
Power Play Goals 3
Malone 2-1-3
Leading Scorer Heatley 3-1-4
Miller 92.3%
Goalie Save Percentage
Brodeur 91.3%

I think Canucklehead666 previewed this game quite well below. Are the Americans underdogs? Whatever motivates them. Canada has to find it within themselves to show more intensity and passion in their game. I think the Swiss "close call" was a wake up call. If it wasn't, the Americans are going to win this one.

I like the youth on the U.S. team, not going to lie. But Canada has a great balance of both youth and experience that they need to utilize. Time to find some guts and groove Canada. Pressure's on!

Hang out here game time or at SBN Headquarters. I'll be bouncing back and forth.

Go Canada Go!