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Canucks and Kesler's Agent Cease Negotiations / Salo Probable For Tuesday

The Canucks and Ryan Kesler's agent have reached an "impasse", as the Province describes it, and there will be no more negotiations between the 2 parties until the end of the season to avoid distraction during this fine season. This does not worry me at all. I can respect management's decision to wait it out to sort out some of the..intangibles let's call them. But Kesler's agent (of course) isn't so understanding.

"It's frustrating and it's disappointing," Kesler's agent Kurt Overhardt told the Province. "He is a core player for the Canucks who brings his heart and soul every night. He puts it all on the ice. He's a great teammate. He's a warrior.

It's disappointing because based on the marketplace, it's not a difficult deal to get done for a core player like this. There's just not a lot of logic in waiting."

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Of course the agent is going to say that. But there are still several regular season games left and hopefully some playoff games where management can further evaluate Kesler's play and his dollar value. I'm just curious as to what Kesler's agent is asking and what the Canucks are willing to spend. Here nor there. At least this won't be a distraction, and it will continue to motivate the Keslord to play up his value.

Sami Salo gave a "thumbs up" after practice today, but will wait and see if there are any setbacks to his ailing groin after tomorrow's practice. It is expected that he'll be ready to go against the Canadiens on Tuesday. So my question to you is: who sits when Salo returns? Lukowich or Baumgartner. We know Aaron Rome is in AV's good books with his ice time going up dramatically against the Leafs. But I can't tell who struggled more early on against the Leafs Saturday, Baumer or Luko? Brad Lukowich played 10:05 against Toronto, with no time on the PP or PK and finished a -1 with no shots. Nolan Baumgartner played 11:16, had 2 shots and was a +2 in that game. We may have our answer right there.