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A Bit of a Toast

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Let's have a toast for Nazzy, eh? (<a href="">photo source</a>)
Let's have a toast for Nazzy, eh? (photo source)

I have said many times how I didn't pay attention to the Canucks until after the lockout.  My real focus on the Canucks didn't start until the 2005-2006 season.  However, before that, I still had exposure to Canucks hockey from my dad having the games on all the time.  Therefore, I was well aware of the "West Coast Express" line of Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison, and Todd Bertuzzi.

Today is the day that Markus Naslund will be honoured in a way that only Trevor Linden and Stan Smyl have been honoured before.  Today is the day we retire his #19.  Although I missed most of his excellence, I have heard the stories of his glory.  I will be honest: I did question his worthiness when the plans to retire his jersey were revealed last summer.  However, after seeing all the tributes and special messages on the Canucks website leading up to today, I have now seen that he was truly a remarkable player and a very worthy recipient of this honour.

So, Markus, I raise my glass to you.  Congratulations, and thank you.

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