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Nucks Misconduct vs. Copper & Blue: EA NHL '11 Tournament

[UPDATE: PS3 Tournament Bracket has been added popular demand (11/9/10; 7:23pm PST)]

Calling all gamers! You may recall that I posted about the possibility of an online tourney of EA NHL '10 a while back. Unfortunately that fell through, but I have been in touch with the people at Rival Spot and we are going to give it another crack: this time against the fine folks from the Edmonton Oilers blog The Copper & Blue. After the jump, the lowdown for those of you interested.

The tourney will take place on Saturday November 13 at 7pm PST - conveniently just after the Canucks curbstomp the Toronto Maple Leafs. It will be played on NHL '11 for xbox 360. Sorry for those of you who are excluded by the choice of platform and/or game, but that seems to be what the majority will be able to play with. Here is what you need to do to register:

  1. Click on the above image to register at Rivalspot (if you haven't already done so).
  2. Email me for the password to register in our tournament (
  3. Click here to register for the tournament, or register for the tournament through your rivalspot account.
  4. Show up and play on the day - and do Nucks Misconduct proud by destroying the Oilers gamers!
  5. There may be a prize for the winner - check back for updates and I will confirm as soon as I know.