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Pilgrimage to a Canucks game

Me in front of Rogers Arena before the game.
Me in front of Rogers Arena before the game.

There are many die-hard sports fans in this world, many of whom do not live in the city their team calls home.  Many of these fans aspire to make the pilgrimage to the home arena for at least 1 game in their life.  Well, just this last weekend, I completed that task:  I went to Vancouver, sat in Rogers Arena, and watched the Canucks play the Red Wings in person.

My sister was with me, and it was a first for both of us.  She has attended a few Canucks games at Rexall in Edmonton, but she had never been to a Canucks home game.  For me, this was my first Canucks game ever.  Head past the jump for some reactions and photos.

Here are some of my thoughts on that game:

  • The arena was pretty loud that night.  Sounds like there's been some improvement in getting the audience into the game.
  • In the 2nd period, the Canucks managed to clear the zone, and everyone started their way down the other end of the ice.  Well, everyone except for Keith Ballard and Justin Abdelkader that is.  They stuck around and talked to each other, before starting the fight.  It was really cool to see the fight develop like that, we never see that on tv.
  • A short while later, the Red Wings were on the powerplay.  Pavel Datsyuk was dangling the puck along the point, when suddenly Manny Malholtra takes it from him and heads off on a short-handed breakaway.  That was a great goal.
  • When Alexander Edler scored that game-winning goal, I went absolutely ballistic.  I was hyped for the next several minutes.  Then I got worried that Detroit would score again, and Alex's goal wouldn't be the game-winner anymore.
  • After Edler's goal, the HOWARD! chant started.  This somewhat annoyed me, since it was only 5-4, and there was still more than enough time for the Wings to tie it up.  However, I did join the chant after Jimmy Howard tried to trip Edler after the whistle at one point.

Well, now for some photos.  Keep in mind that these were all taken from our seats in the balcony, using the zoom on my amateur camera, so a couple are fuzzy.


The view from our seats in the balcony level.




More warmups.  I did have a few pics of the Red Wings warming up too (one of Todd Bertuzzi, and one of Pavel Datsyuk acting silly on the ice), but they didn't turn out well enough.


Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider.


Definitely my best picture of the night.  From left to right: Christian Ehrhoff, Henrik Sedin, Alexander Edler, Rick Rypien, Keith Ballard, and Mikael Samuelsson.


Canucks make their grand entrance at gametime.


Opening faceoff: Manny Malholtra vs Pavel Datsyuk.


During the TV timeout.


Preparing for an offensive zone faceoff.


Luie prepares for the 2nd period.


Refs go in to end the fight between Keith Ballard and Justin Abdelkader.  I did have a pic of them fighting, but it didn't turn out well enough.


The Selke faceoff: Ryan Kesler vs Pavel Datsyuk.


Canucks celebrate the win.


Here's something we haven't seen in a while: Alexandre Burrows and Roberto Luongo after the game.


Keslord is the 1st star.

That game was so much fun.  I'm sure I'll be doing that trip again someday.  Best case scenario: the game where we win the Cup....