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A Bit of #1 PP

So, that was a good game last night, wasn't it?  3 powerplay goals were scored by the Canucks, but the Avalanche spoiled Cory Schneider's 3rd chance at a shutout as the Canucks won 3-1.  Now, in that game, our powerplay went 3 for 4, which boosted our overall PP to 28.3%, which was more than enough to give us the league-wide lead.  Also, it's nice to see that our road PP is now at a whopping 36%.  Tomorrow night will pose a challenge though, since the Red Wings just happen to currently have the 2nd-best PK in the league.  Special teams battle, anyone?

Speaking of tomorrow's game, I will be at it.  Yes, in a couple hours from now, I'll be on my way to Vancouver, where my sister and I will attend tomorrow night's matchup.  I won't have my computer with me, so I won't be able to check in here until I get back Sunday.  However, I will be able to tweet, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

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