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A Bit of Snow

Oh look, we're playing the Avalanche again.  And what great timing too: the annual November battle for the Northwest division lead has already begun.  The Canucks are sitting on top right now with 14 points, and are looking to defend.  The Avalanche are at 13 points, and will look to pull ahead of us tonight with a win.  The other competitor is the Flames (why am I surprised?) at 12 points, who could've taken the lead from us last night had they not lost 2-1 to the Red Wings.  And maybe we could include the Wild in this too, since they're also at 12 points right now.

Yes, I know, some of you probably still think it's too early to look at the standings this closely.  However, this annual NW battle has been happening each November for the last couple years.  In November 2008, the Canucks beat out the Flames, and despite crashing horribly in December and January, we still came back and won the division with a couple regular season games to spare.  In November 2009, the Canucks won the 3-way battle, and even managed to keep the lead throughout that Olympic roadtrip.  Now, it's November 2010, and it's time for the battle to recommence.  Can we pull it off a 3rd year in a row?  The answer will begin to form tonight.

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